A Tour of this area is an unforgettable experience of hidden gems and glorious coastline along the Wild Atlantic Way. Through the land that inspired our writers and poets, especially W. B. Yeats. Where you have the iconic tabletop mountain of Benbulben that is entwined in many Irish legends and folklore stories.
The Tour is fully guided with lots of stories, history, folklore and fun along the way, with plenty of photography stops!
*This Tour can also be customised to suit any requirements.

Travelling along the Wild Atlantic Way from Donegal Town, home of the Famous O’Donnell Family and Donegal Castle until we come to Ballyshannon reputed to be the Oldest Town in Ireland, that was once home to the famous guitarist, Rory Gallagher. Belleek Pottery Tour (Optional) before going to Bundoran and Tullan Strand, a surfer’s paradise with its ancient fairy bridges. Then Tullaghan in County Leitrim with its shortest coastline on the Wild Atlantic Way. On to Drumcliff to view William Bulter Yeat’s Grave and Drumcliff Church, Round Tower and High Cross. Then through an area that inspired Yeat’s to the spectacular Glencar Waterfall. Back along Glencar lake past the Devils’ Chimney onto Mullaghmore and around this amazing head with breathtaking views over the Atlantic Ocean. Another place to catch a big wave. Where Classiebawn Castle stands on a hilltop at the edge of the Wild Atlantic Way overlooking the ocean in the shadow of the great iconic Benbulben Mountain. A mountain that is steeped in legends and folklore. A mountain that featured prominently in WB Yeats poetry. The last lines of the poem Under Benbulben Head were craved on his gravestone:

“Cast a cold eye, On life, on death, Horseman, pass by”

Then it is on to the ancient Creevykeel Court Tomb which is one of the finest examples of a court tomb in Ireland that dates back to the Neolithic period and then it is back along the Wild Atlantic Way to Donegal Town.

Tour Highlights:

Donegal Town: 

Home to the Famous Red Hugh O’Donnell and Donegal Castle. 
A vibrant Market Town that is great for shopping, food and music. 


Regarded as our oldest Town in Ireland with many Archaeological sites. 
Home of the poet William Allingham – ‘The Faeries’ 

Tullan Strand: 

One of Donegal’s renowned surf beaches, 2km long. 

Fairy Bridges: 

A spectacular series of natural blow holes that exist because of the peculiar rock formations in this area  


The final resting place of our foremost poet and Nobel Laureate W.B. Yeats Grave.
A place of historical importance for its Church, Round Tower and High Cross  

The Devil’s Chimney: 

The Devil’s Chimney Waterfall is listed as on the World Waterfall Database as Ireland’s Tallest Waterfall at 492ft (150m).
The Irish name for the waterfall – Sruth In Aghaidh An Aird – means stream against the height and denotes the fact that during certain weather conditions when the wind blows from the west the waterfall is blown upward and back over the cliff from which it falls.
We can verify that this is an outstanding sight! 

Glencar Waterfall: 

Glencar Waterfall is found in one of the most picturesque setting imaginable and you can see how it inspired many artists, songwriters and poets, one of the most famous being William Butler Yeat’s in his poem, ‘Stolen Child’ that was inspired by the tumbling waters of Glencar.   


It is a coastal village with a picturesque stone harbour and sandy beach.
A renowned surfing location and is described as Ireland’s ultimate big wave destination with a 49ft wave recorded in 2012. 

Classiebawn Castle: 

Classiebawn Castle, the once holiday home of the late Lord Mountbatten, can be seen as you drive around Mullaghmore with Benbulben rising majestically behind it. 


Creevykeel is one of Ireland’s finest example of a court tomb, that dates back to the Neolithic period.